Your Comprehensive Guide to Writing a 1000 Word Essay

A Chinese philosopher said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ The same goes for a 1000 word essay – it starts with a single word.

Choice of a Topic

The first step to writing a good one thousand word essay is choosing an interesting topic. Miss this first step and you may fail it all.

A really good topic for your paper should be:

  • narrow;
  • thought-provoking;
  • interesting;
  • useful;
  • researchable.

Useful questions for choosing a good topic:

  1. What is a broad topic I’d like to discuss?
  2. What are the subtopics? How to narrow them down?
  3. Will I be able to find the information?
  4. What is the practical use?
  5. What are the examples illustrating this topic?


After you select your topic, you may do some primary research and get down to the introduction. The commonly accepted structure for the introduction is the following:

  1. A broad statement – the announcement of the topic. E.g. The potential benefits of aromatherapy have been known since ancient times.
  2. An attention hook: a rhetorical question, striking statistics, anecdote, a quote or a joke. E.g. Would you ever believe that essential oils can cure some serious diseases?
  3. Narrowing down it a bit. E.g. Recent studies have shown that essential oils can and should be used as a side therapy for patients diagnosed with cancer.
  4. Narrowing it down even further. E.g. Thus, the oil of Roman chamomile can help reduce anxiety and depression.
  5. Thesis statement – the central element of your entire paper. E.g. The essential oils can use the two mechanisms for affecting the body – to be absorbed by the skin or through the pleasant scents, and patients need to consult a doctor to get the maximum benefits of aromatherapy and prevent any unpleasant consequences.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the last sentence (or two) of the introduction paragraph. Its main functions are the following:

  • Briefly summarizing the key points of the entire paper.
  • Giving a plan for the paper.
  • Preparing readers for what will follow.

Every single sentence in the 1000 word essay should develop or support the points made in the thesis statement.
Here are major principles of a good thesis statement:

  1. It’s not too obvious.
  2. It’s clear and concise.
  3. It passes the ‘so what’ test – nobody will read it only to exclaim ‘so what’.

Main Body Paragraphs

Main body paragraphs contain the most important information. Every new argument should start from a new paragraph. “Hamburger” is the classical structure of a body paragraph. It should include the following components:

  • Topic sentence – ‘the first bun’ is a brief summary of the main argument you’re going to present. It should be put at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Arguments – ‘the filling – meat or cheese’ is the actual explanation of your argumentation with examples and quotes.
  • Concluding sentence – ‘the lower bun’ is the repetition of what has already been said in the topic sentence, but using different wording and taking into account all the argumentation that followed.


The last but not least part of any 1000 word essay is the conclusion. The golden rules of writing a really good introduction are:

  • No new information.
  • Only synthesis of what has already been said.
  • Echoing the introduction and a thesis statement.
  • Possible directions for further research.


Citations of reliable sources are absolutely necessary for a quality one thousand word essay. You will need to find some relevant quotes from reliable sources that support your own claims. The next step would be including in-text citations into your paper (either parenthetical or direct quotes) and citing all the resources you’ve used in the reference list at the end of your project.


Proper formatting is another important aspect that deserves your attention. It might seem a mere trifle, but formatting is actually responsible for the first impression your project makes.

Unless your teacher gives you some other specific instructions, use the following standards which are common for academic writing:

  • Font: 12 Arial or Times New Roman;
  • Margins – 1 inch or 2/54 cm on all sides;
  • Spacing – double.

If you still have some questions as to how to write a 1000 word essay, feel free to contact us and/or see this example of an essay.


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